How Old Do You Have To Be To Work at GameStop

How old do you have to be to work at GameStop? Just like other companies, the minimum age requirement to work at GameStop is 16 years old. We’ll discuss more about this below.

As a young job seeker, you’re probably dreaming of a chance to work at one of the most popular gaming merchandise retailers in the United States.

But most of the time, you might wonder and ask yourself, “how old do I have to be to work at GameStop?” or “what are the job requirements to work at the company?”

In this post, you’re going to learn what it takes to work at GameStop, including their age requirements. But before we start, what is GameStop?

What is GameStop?

GameStop is an American video game, wireless services, and consumer electronics retailer. It has its headquarter in Grapevine, TX, with over 4,434 stores in 28 states across the United States alone.

It’s one of the largest video game retailers today, and they have close to 6,000 retail shops around the world.

Usually, students seek entry-level positions at GameStop on a part-time basis in order to extra money to support themselves.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work at GameStop

gamestop hiring age requirement

People that are seeking job opportunities in the gaming retail industry frequently want to know the minimum age gaming companies require.

Like many other companies, GameStop’s minimum hiring age is 16 years, so that eligible young job seekers can start work at 16 years of age.

Interestingly, GameStop does not shy away from hiring young inexperienced job seekers who are passionate about games.

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Various Job Positions at GameStop

Game Advisor

A game advisor at GameStop is responsible for speaking with customers. Your duty involves walking the sales floor and ensuring that each customer is adequately cared for, and their questions are answered.

Being the outgoing type is a plus, as well as someone knowledgeable about all of the various games that customers may be interested in and the various gaming consoles.

As a game advisor, you’re required to be up to 18 years old and above.

Senior Game Advisor

A senior game advisor equally plays all the roles and duties of a game advisor; however, your job will also involve assisting the store management team in overseeing different activities.

Aside from that, you may also be expected to attend to more difficult customers and help tackle issues that a regular game advisor may find challenging. Finally, you will equally be required to assist with inventory, product selection, loss prevention, etc.

You must be, at least, 18 years old for this position. But you’ll hardly be hired directly into this role as it’s reserved explicitly for Game Advisors that get a promotion. Therefore, you’ll perhaps need to be 19 to 21 years old to get this role.

Assistant Manager

The assistant manager role at GameStop is just under a store manager. You’re also involved in all the duties of a store manager; however, you’ll be given a little less responsibility.

An assistant manager will be in charge of attending to the more demanding customers. But beyond that, you’re also expected to be involved with product selection, purchases, returns, as well as supervising up to five workers at a time while also planning and allocating work responsibilities.

You’ll probably be required to have a few years of retail experience to be considered for this position. While the company usually promotes from within, whoever gets this role is likely between the ages of 20 to 22 years old.

GameStop Job Salaries Details

The following are job positions available at GameStop according to their category and their respective salaries.


  • Store Manager$15.78/ hour
  • Game Advisor $8.74/ hour
  • Assistant Store Manager $12.69/ hour
  • Senior Game Advisor $9.72/ hour
  • Retail Manager $10.61/ hour


  • Sales Associate $9.53/ hour
  • Sales Representative $9.32/ hour
  • Sales Manager $10.09/ hour
  • Design Consultant $9.10/ hour

Loading and Stocking

  • Warehouse Worker$12.16/ hour
  • Forklift Operator $13.10/ hour
  • Stocker $8.66/ hour
  • Order Picker $11.82/ hour
  • Packer $13.15/ hour

Customer Service

  • Customer Service Representative$10.20/ hour
  • Guest Service Agent $8.73/ hour


  • Senior Advisor $10.06/ hour
  • Assistant Manager $13.62/ hour
  • Manager $10.61/ hour
  • Shift Manager $12.43/ hour
  • Shift Leader $9.89/ hour

Job Requirements at GameStop

working at gamestop

If you have been reading from the top carefully, you might have been able to get an answer to “how old do I have to be to work at GameStop,” but you also need to know the job requirements at GameStop too.

You don’t really need to have a lot of experience to get an entry-level position at a GameStop. Still, you have to be knowledgeable about games and have an up-to-date understanding of the technology involved in the enterprise.

However, if you want to get a well-paying position such as a Senior Game Advisor or any managerial role, you would have a specified level of experience and school certification in course related to the franchise.

What Should You Wear to a Job Interview at GameStop?

You’ll be required to dress in business casual outfit while working at GameStop, such as a button-down dress shirt and slacks. However, while going for the interview, you should try to put on a cooperate attire.

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You can put on a nice dress shirt, a basic tie, slacks, as well as a clean dress shoes.

GameStop Interview Questions

Depending on who the interviewer is, you can be asked many different questions in a job interview. However, a few common questions seem to come up more often at GameStop.

Some of the most frequently asked interview questions at GameStop include:

Why do you wish to work at GameStop?

Whether you want the job to earn some extra cash, or you just love video games, this is the time to really sell yourself.

Educate them on how amazing you are at teamwork and how you can equally put your own initiative to work. And if you’re game enthusiast, let them know how you will use your gaming knowledge to sell even the latest titles to customers who may not already know about them.

What availability do you have?

If it’s the GameStop retail job that you applied for, ensure that you answer this interview question based on store opening times. Especially for part-time positions, working on weekends will likely be a requirement.

But whatever GameStop job you’re going for, let them know that you can be flexible as needed; however, you don’t want to lie if you really can’t work on a certain time or day.

Sell me your favorite game?

You should answer this one effortlessly if you’re really interested in working at GameStop.

You can just start by naming your favorite video game, and explaining what you actually love about it as well as why a customer should buy it.

Don’t forget that people don’t buy products; instead, they buy solutions to their problems. Therefore, ensure to tell them how they’re missing a lot by not playing the game.

It could also help to state that a new headset for online gaming, or a fantastic controller, could make all the difference.

Why You Should Work at GameStop

GameStop has a wonderful benefits plan for its workers; however, you have to work full-time in order to qualify for them.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Health insurance options from different providers
  • Life Insurance
  • 15 percent employee discount on merchandise and games
  • 401 (k) Plan
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Time Off and vacation (10 days of vacation, three personal days, and seven sick days).

What it’s Like to Work at GameStop

The short video below shows what it’s like to work at GameStop:

Working Culture at GameStop

GameStop is a company where students or young people generally should work. Employees at GameStop enjoy benefits such as minimum working hours for part-time employees, discounts on purchased game gadgets and accessories, insurance, student loan relief, and so on.

The workplace environment for employees is usually one that is recreational and fun. If you are an individual that is keenly interested in-game systems, game gadgets, or games in general, you might be well suited for this job.

Working conditions at GameStop requires a lot of communication between store employees and customers. Customer service and customer satisfaction are some of the major aims of employees at GameStop.

How to Apply at GameStop

If you desire to work at GameStop, we’d advise you simply apply directly to the career page on their website. Even though there are lots of websites on the internet that have GameStop job listings, this will undoubtedly be the most accurate source for job opportunities.

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