47 Best Paying Part Time Jobs for College Students

There are a series of best paying part time jobs for college students in Canada. But all high paying job is not for everyone. Some are for people with experience, others for people with the right set of skills and others for people who are available at a set time.

Part-time jobs for college students are a means to offset student loans, fit bills, and daily expenses. If you’re a college student looking for high paying part-time jobs, you are right on track.

A lot of people wait to work only when they have graduated, but I think the best place to start your job search is right on campus. There are tons of part-time, flexible job opportunities for college students.

According to a study conducted by Georgetown University’s Center on Education, an estimated 70 percent of college students work while attending school. So, why left behind?

Now, let’s look at the list of jobs for college students that you should consider.

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Why a Part-Time Job as a College Student?

University is often an excellent time for students. A part-time job might not necessarily be a distraction if handled carefully.

In fact, working part-time jobs exposes you to lots of benefits like work experiences, CV upgrades, gain exposure, knowledge, and development of relevant life skills and lots more.

Best Paying Part Time Jobs for College Students

Best Paying Part Time Jobs for College Students

There is a list of jobs for college students who want to work part-time while still focusing on their academic endeavors in Canada or any part of the world. Such jobs are jobs that you can easily combine with your academic activities and still be afloat.

Most jobs require you working under an individual; a cooperate organizations, or an establishment like hotels, restaurants, delivery services agency, IT firm, etc. These include;

1. Cashier

This position is excellent because it requires little to no experience, offers flexible hours (depending on the place), and is readily available in most college towns.

2. Nanny/Babysitting

Nanny jobs are popular with college students because they offer plenty of flexibility. Depending on the age of the children.

3. Patient care

A good part-time job to start your career in medicine. Responsibilities are difficult, but the mission is rather inspiring.

4. Call center representative

Many college students can build a cushion by putting on a headset and working at a call center. Because it’s the mission of many companies to get their customers to answer the phone.

5. Gym Receptionist

Gyms open their doors early and shut them late, with many even staying open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. So grab the job.

6. Photographer

If you have a professional camera and have a good sense of vision, you can earn good money by taking photos of people, events, or products.

7. Virtual assistant                  

The 21st-century answer to the personal assistant is the virtual assistant, an admin-savvy associate who helps busy professionals with daily tasks.

8. Clinic clerk

The Clinic Office Clerk is responsible for running and maintaining the office operations of the clinic to ensure efficient and quality medical services for the patients.

9. Mailroom attendant

This position is perfect for those students who eager to be at the center of social life. You will know everyone in your dorm because almost everyone will come to get their emails to you.

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