Best Jobs for 17 Year Olds

There are lots of available jobs for 17 year olds as compared to their younger counterparts. This is because they are older and stronger enough to handle more complex jobs except those that are deemed to be a bit hazardous, such as fire extinguishing and mining jobs.

However, they can now work on farms and tackle more involving jobs. Similarly, they are not limited by time as compared to the younger teens who cannot work overtime – and they have a more structured and advanced resume since they have more experience.

Their college courses also give them a more suitable position to choose particular job fields in which they are mastering.

Additionally, they are in a position to work full time, for those who can opt for entry-level jobs and part-time for the more involved teens.

They also have a more broad contact and network of people who can refer them for jobs or even hire them directly. Thus a seventeen-year-old will have a wider range of jobs to choose from and they will include the following.

Best Job For 17 Year Olds

jobs for 17 year olds

1. Internship jobs

The 17-year-old teens are more skilled in some fields and with this experience and knowledge, they can opt to apply for an entry-level job in a local company or a business enterprise they are interested in.

The best students in high schools are more preferable for their sharp skills and quick understanding during training.

Most companies also like to nurture these teens from the very start so that after they have gained the required knowledge, they can become permanent employees of the company to the benefit of the student and company as well.

2. Car Washer

A 17-year-old kid can also opt to work as a car washer. There are so many young teens who have ventured in these kinds of jobs for they are not that tiring and still they are well paying. The exciting thing is that you can always get tips for a job well done if you are hard-working.

3. Work as Private Tutors

And for the bright teens, they can be employed as tutors. Most small kids require part-time teachers but due to the high costs of personal teachers, teens are employed to coach the kids on tough subjects like math, sciences, and other related courses.

You can always ask parents who have young kids for these opportunities.

4. Lawn Mowers and Snow Removers

Since the 17-year-olds children are now strong enough, they can work as lawnmowers during the summertime and as snow removers during the winter. They can also do other odd jobs in the garden like weeding flowers.

5. Become a Blogger

Nowadays, there are lots of jobs on the internet. You can work as a blogger if you are conversant with various interesting topics that will attract readers and make money out of it.

The experienced ones can create websites for companies and individuals as well. You can create your own website and offer advertising services for various companies as well.

With a very busy world nowadays, most people are looking for personal assistance to do their personal chores like cleaning homes or even walking dogs and other odd jobs. You can provide your services in case you get any of these opportunities.

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