How To Answer What Is Your Work Style

What is your work? This question is often overlooked and deemed irrelevant by individuals that are seeking jobs.

The question actually helps the interviewer to find out if the manner at which you get tasks done suits the philosophy of the organization you want to be recruited.

If you want to know how to answer what is your work style interview question, you are in luck because, in this article, we’re going to provide detailed information regarding that.

In order to be able to actually answer this question effectively, you will need to understand what it means.

What Does The Question Mean?

This question is meant to reveal your level of self-awareness and the ability to speak to the strengths of your capabilities.

The question can sometimes be rephrased as” how would you describe your work style” or” describe your personal work style” and so on, so don’t let the change in vocabulary confuse you, they all mean the same thing.

The interviewer is actually paying close attention to every word of your response to the question to determine if you will fit into their existing working conditions and company culture.

Interviewers carefully assess your response for indications on how well you will be compatible with potential co-workers and if you possess abilities that meet up to the requirements of the job.

How To Answer What Is Your Work Style?

The following are samples that can be used in any line of work. They will guide you on how to answer what is your work style interview questions properly with the right examples of previous job experiences.

Answer 1: I am a hard worker; I ensure that my efforts are tied towards achieving set goals and objectives.

I always approach essential projects with a high degree of professionalism and the best of my skills, keeping in mind the specifications and instructions that have been given to me by my superior.

And this is why working together with my boss through delegation is usually highly productive.

Answer 2: My work style is very flexible and different tasks require me to be adaptive. Usually, I like to give my full attention to a particular project per time, working as quickly as possible, but at the same time being efficient.

I always want to be dependable and gain the trust of my employers through my performance.

Answer 3: I believe that I am a perfectionist. I believe in discipline, proper work ethic, efficiency, and a high-performance rate. My philosophy concerning work is not only to give my best but to meet up to the standards required in executing a job or a given task at work.

I always challenge myself to meet up to job deadlines and to always tender a result that is close to perfect, consistently.

Answer 4: I would describe my work style as one that is more productive under a team. My collaborative mentality helps me function well with team members who are productive on their own and share the same skill set as I do, on a job project.

It does not matter if they are below or above my professional level, as long as we all have a goal in mind, we can all collectively use our skills to achieve such goals.

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Most of the jobs I have had require collaboration with my co-workers which enables me to use the team atmosphere to check for mistakes and improve my general productivity.

Answer 5: I have an adaptive work style that changes based on the working conditions within a given period. My work style enables me to alter my working pattern to suit what is required for any circumstance.

For the best possible form of productivity when tackling various tasks. Most times planned work methods and strategies don’t work out due to changes in job specifications, which is why I like to maintain an adaptive work style.

What Is Your Work Style Interview Question | How to Provide the Best Answer

What Is Your Work Style

Do some research about the organization before you go for an interview to know if teamwork is essential, their mode of communication, working hours per day, job security rate, average wage, company policies and so on.

Provide an answer that will enable your interviewer to imagine you successfully doing the job. So when describing your work style, keep your answer focused on the job you’re applying for and less about general experiences of past jobs that don’t really relate.

Give a relevant answer, and that is in line with the values and philosophy of the organization.

It is very essential, to be honest during your interview. It might be tempting to exaggerate your skills or to lie about your capacity, but it’s best to think of the repercussions lying if you get hired.

Talk more on your complimentary qualities such as being hardworking, dedicated, a great communicator, consistent, a great team worker, and so on.

It might be a bit difficult to think of a perfect answer right after you have been asked what your work style is since it requires a bit of thinking and reflection.

So take a few seconds to prepare your answer, think about the successful jobs and related experience you have had in the past, to prepare an outstanding response.


Ensure that when you are responding to this question that you don’t just mention clich√© statements alone like” I am a hard worker” or” my work style is dynamic”. You have to come up with detailed information to backup such claims.

When you answer this question, make sure to emphasize attributes that make you qualified for this job.

If you don’t have the ability to work under pressure or to work within a limited time frame, be sure to include this in your answer. It serves as an appeal if they have tight job deadlines.

Talk about methods that will enable you to be efficient and to avoid mistakes; your interviewer may want workers who readily fit into the company’s system of checks and balances or when working.

If you are about to go for an interview, we hope this article has been able to shed enough light on how to answer what is your work style interview question.