I Can’t Find a Career that Interests Me [Practical Steps]

I can’t find a career that interests me, what should I do?

If you’ve been looking for a perfect answer to this, then sit back and relax. In today’s post, I’ll show you what to do when you have no idea what career to pursue.

This guide also includes lots of real-life examples and case studies, career tips and guides, career decision mistakes, and lots more.

So if you’re among those complaining that “I don’t know what career to pursue in life,” then you’ll definitely love this guide.no idea what career to pursue

Let’s get started.

I Don’t Know What Career to Pursue, Am I Doomed?

no idea what career to pursue

No, you’re not doomed, and you cannot be doomed.

Let’s face it: Choosing a career is one of the most difficult decisions to make in life, as this would determine a person’s satisfaction and how established his or her future would be.

In fact: with the tension attached to deciding on a career path, young people are now forced to take career decisions too early in life.

But with all these, many students still have no idea what career to pursue. They remain confused about what to do when they are finally done with schooling.

The fact that you have difficulty building interest in anything doesn’t mean you are weak, it just shows that you need assistance connecting with your inner self.

Now, let’s quickly look at the 13 actions you should take today is you have no idea what career to pursue.

I Can’t Find a Career that Interests Me: Here’s What to Do

I don't know what career to pursue

The following are what you should do when you can’t find a career that interests you:

1. What are you most curious about? – stick with it!

Sometimes our brain tends to confuse us, especially when there are a lot of options to choose from.

At this point, you have to stop listening to your brain and stick with that curiosity factor. This is one way of discovering your inner-self and giving it your best.

By sticking with what you like or most curious about, you’ll start enjoying your job, living a tension-free life. There will be this joy whenever you get up early in the morning for the same monotonous work.

For example:

You are a globetrotter and love traveling a lot, but you choose a career path that has you working a desk job daily. You’ll definitely not enjoy your job and will prove to be a nerve-wracking experience for you.

3. Don’t make money your priority

This can be a really difficult decision to make, especially when you have your family and friends looking up to you for financial support.

Yes! Money is of utmost importance in choosing a career, but it’s also true that money has no value in comparison to your interest and curiosity.

The money will only help you buy new clothes and in a way, live extravagantly, but it will not satisfy your inner happiness.

Choosing a career you love will help you give your best to it and enhance your quality of work. And once your quality of work increases, you are likely to get bonuses, rewards, promotions and other benefits for your good work.

3. Like Nike’s slogan – JUST DO IT!

This can be a really difficult decision to make, especially if the career path doesn’t seem to pay much.

Ultimately, you won’t come to know what you truly like until you have a taste of the bullet. You have to first experience what you actually wish to do, without contemplating if it will give you a positive or negative result.

4. Don’t be afraid to quit

After giving #3 tip a try and realize that it’s not favoring you, don’t be scared to quit it.

Doing something against your personal interest and self-will will do you more harm than good, creating more confusion in your career path.

You will not be able to give your best to your job, which may get you demoted or even worst, making you lose your credibility.

5. Assess yourself

Personally speaking, self-assessment is what I do when I don’t know what career to pursue.

Before I have someone else test me, I do it myself.

People will always find a way to criticize you for what you’re doing, so before they do, first assess yourself to see if there are any difficulties along the way.

And if you discover any difficulty, don’t beat yourself over it. Build on it, it’d make you stronger.

Assessing yourself will help you uncover your weaknesses, work on it thoroughly before others start judging on it.

6. Apply the G+P+V career formula

G+P+V stands for:

  • Gifts
  • Passion
  • Vision

The moment you discover your inner-self, it becomes a gift. The more passion you dedicate to your acquired gift will give you a sense of vision as to what career path is the best for you in life.

7. Don’t be shy to seek a career counselor when necessary

If you have tried all possible means to discover your inner-self and nothing seems to work, don’t go ahead stressing your brain the more. Share it with someone who can help you with your bewildering situation.

Career counselors can come in handy to help guide you during your never-ending confused situation.

Career counselors are trained professionals that will assess you based on different administered tests (verbal, written or practical) to assist you in choosing the right path for your career.

8. Who is your hero?

Or should I say: who is your role model/mentor?

Everybody has someone they look up to… It can be anyone!

Try and follow his or her path–9 out of 10, it always gives the best results.

If possible, try and reach out to the person and find out what he or she did to succeed in their career. This will encourage and broaden your mind.

9. Make a career plan

This involves setting goals, documenting your weaknesses, strengths, wishes, etc on a piece of paper. Write down all your daily feelings in your career journey.

And then, consider and compare changes in your goals and find out the reasons behind the change.

Stick with your career plan systematically!

10. Don’t despise internship programs

Interns stand a better chance of getting employed in a job placement than a regular job applicant.

Start off as an intern or trainee… This will help you know whether you have an interest in such a career or not.

Also, it gives you added experience, so, if you are able to develop an interest in it, it provided an ocean of opportunities for you to swim in.

11. Your career is not a straight path

Your career is like a stepping-stone, it doesn’t work in a linear path.

It’s not just a mere sprint but a marathon that can turn out to be a very difficult path.

So never panic of the hurdles that you’d face, instead show them that you are flexible enough to take a U-turn when necessary.

12. Open up to family, friends and even your teachers

Sometimes family and friends can help to stop you from making the most irrational decisions in life.

Also, sitting in a room and mulling over the same thing can drive nuts, which can lead to depression and lower your confidence.

At this point, it’s best you go out and explain yourself to family, friends and the people you spend most of your time with.

13. Tackle perfectionism

Finally, the last thing I’d do if I don’t know what career to pursue is to tackle perfectionism

So many people have this idealized, romanticized, exaggerated version of what their career should look like — so nothing in the real world seems to match up with it.

Perfectionism can be fundamentally delusional and can poison your career decision process, so it’s best to find a way to overcome it.

No Idea What Career To Pursue | Conclusion

Your career decision process starts right from your one + one class as it demands these particular subjects to be chosen (science, arts or commerce).

There are so many students who miss this from the beginning, causing their brain to wander here and there looking for what really interests them.

The above-listed points will help you discover yourself first before you get to know more about your interests.

And just like I’ve said earlier, in order to explore your interest and discover your full potential in life, you have to first know who you are in the real world.

Understand what your inner-self is telling you, listen to your heart and work accordingly.

Your career choice will become part and parcel of your life and would affect you both directly and indirectly. So be wise in your decisions.

Don’t be in a hurry… Take your time and take one step at a time!

Now I’d love to hear from you…

Have you ever been at the point in life where you had to ask yourself the question: “I Can’t Find a Career that Interests Me, what should I do?”

What decisions did you make at that point?

Are you still having problems choosing the right career to pursue in life?

What steps have you decided to take from this article to solve this?

Or maybe you feel there are better solutions to this…

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now!

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