Entry Level Mechanical Engineering Jobs Now Hiring

Today you’re going to get a complete list of entry level mechanical engineering jobs that are currently recruiting.

I will also show you:

  • How to source for mechanical engineering entry-level positions
  • How much entry-level mechanical engineering jobs pay
  • What are the most basic requirements for an entry-level mechanical engineering job
  • And lots more.

So, if you’re looking to find well-paying mechanical engineering entry-level jobs, then you’ll definitely love this guide.

Let’s dive right in…

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Entry Level Mechanical Engineering Jobs | All You Need to Know

Mechanical engineering, in general, is a very broad field and offers jobs for mechanical engineers in every industry.

From automotive and aerospace industries, to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, computers and electronics, petroleum, energy and nuclear, engineering consultancy, construction, and even the food industry, mechanical engineers can work effectively in virtually any engineering industry.

But when it comes down to entry-level mechanical engineering jobs, the level of qualifications a company asks for can look quite different.

Unless you’re lucky enough to find a job opening that clearly marks out entry-level or junior engineers needed, you may have to figure out what the job will involve based on what is given in the less-clear job descriptions.

How to Identify a Mechanical Engineering Entry-Level Job

mechanical engineering jobs

Oftentimes, entry-level mechanical engineering job postings seem to ask for more in the way of skills or education and experience from its applicants.

As a result, most junior engineers might tag themselves unqualified for the job opening.

So, what then can a junior engineer look for that will help him easily identify an entry-level mechanical engineering job?

1. Skills requirements

The most common skills requirements by hiring managers for a mechanical engineering entry-level may include: Familiarity with…

  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD
  • MatLab
  • CAD and CAE software packages
  • Strong command of basic mathematics in solving statistical problems related to the company
  • General problem-solving skills
  • Ability to learn new software quickly
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills

 2. Education background

Entry-level mechanical engineering jobs don’t necessarily require a strong educational background from young engineers. Hiring managers are more interested in your basic knowledge of these core topics:

  • Thermodynamics
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Material science and controls
  • Solid mechanics

Hiring managers just want to know how you can use this basic knowledge in designing a system that will help solve a problem in their company.

3. Experience and Training

The fact that a hiring manager states that he wants applicants with two to five years of working experience for the job opening doesn’t mean they won’t employ candidates with less experience.

The key thing to remember here’s that job descriptions are written to describe the ideal employee that a company hopes to find… But that doesn’t stop them from bending the rules once in a while.

So it’s best to apply to any position, without considering the years of experience in the job description.

You never know… Something on your resume might really appeal to the hiring manager.

Also, when it comes to entry-level job openings for young engineers, hiring managers value internship programs a lot.

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Mechanical Engineering Entry-Level Jobs Hiring in the U.S

Here’s a list of major industries that are willing to hire entry-level mechanical engineers:

1. Engineering Servicing Jobs

Engineering servicing industries include consulting firms and other technical service providers.

Most entry-level positions in this field of industry are with dedicated consulting companies that work under contracts or on specific projects for other businesses or government institutions.

The engineering servicing industry is majorly where young engineers begin their careers.

They will be involved with industrial process designs, construction and architecture, operations and maintenance projects, and systems design.

The following skills are needed for this entry-level position:

Knowledge of…

  • MatLab
  • ANSYS simulation software
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computer-aided design (CAD)

Communication, project management, and leadership skills are also things hiring managers tend to look out for in applicants.

Salary: The average salary of an entry-level field service mechanical engineer is $59,588 per year.

Servicing Entry-Level Mechanical Engineering Jobs near Me

2. Engineering Manufacturing Jobs

Engineering Manufacturing jobs comprise of suppliers, OEMs and assembly plants that will help in the design and manufacture of industrial and commercial types of machinery.

It includes:

  • Fabrication processes such as welding, forging, bending, stamping and waterjet and laser cutting.
  • Machining processes like CNC and multi-axis milling and turning.

Some skills requirements for these kinds of mechanical engineering jobs entry-level positions include:

  • Design skills
  • Technical manufacturing skills
  • Ability to simulate problems

Salary: An entry-level mechanical manufacturing engineer earns an average of $62,311 yearly.

Manufacturing Entry-Level Mechanical Engineering Jobs near Me

3. Computer & Electronics Manufacturing Jobs

This job type is specifically for young mechanical engineers with a more digital bent.

Computer and electronics jobs for entry-level mechanical engineers involves the design and production of computers and its peripherals, and other consumer electronics for telecommunication companies, navigation, and medical industries.

Some skills required include:

  • Good knowledge of heat transfer analysis
  • Programming and other basic technical skills

Salary: Entry-level computer and electronics mechanical engineers earn an average of $72,716 yearly.

Computer & Electronics Entry-Level Mechanical Engineering Jobs near Me

4. Research and Development Jobs

Entry-level research and development jobs for young engineers can be found in many organizations, large and small.

In fact, according to a recent NSF report:

“Scientists and engineers constitute two-thirds of the employees at a research and development business.”

Research and development jobs involve finding innovative solutions to engineering problems of all shapes and sizes. It could mean designing new or improved products and systems, running simulations and feasibility analyses, prototyping and testing, or just general problem-solving.

Entry-level research and development recruiters look for young engineers with:

  • Strong intellectual curiosity
  • Some level of research experience
  • Strong understanding of how to apply calculations and numbers for analysis of research results
  • Good writing skills

Most research and development companies might require that you have a master’s degree or even a PhD in a related industry.

Salary: Entry-level research and development mechanical engineers earn an average of $66,558 yearly.

Research and Development Entry-Level Mechanical Engineering Jobs near Me

mechanical engineering entry-level positions

5. Aerospace Manufacturing Jobs

This deals with the manufacture and development of air and space crafts, as well as military and defence technologies like fighter jets, missiles, and helicopters.

Aerospace engineering jobs are one of the most unique, in the sense that: every job title and role comes with a different set of skills.

Generally, entry-level aerospace manufacturing requires young mechanical engineers to have a good understanding of machinery, operations, and knowledge on aerospace vehicles, products and processes.

Recruiters also require applicants with very good knowledge of CAD and CAE platforms.

Again, having strong abilities for solving mathematical problems and equations and performing analyses on parts is a plus.

Salary: An entry-level aerospace mechanical engineer earns an average of $69,041 yearly.

Aerospace Entry-Level Mechanical Engineering Jobs near Me


There’s always the time when you’ll get to the end of your bachelor’s or master’s degree and have to decide what mechanical engineering jobs entry-level positions to go for… I hope this guide has been able to put you on the right path?

Let me know what you’ve learned from this by leaving a comment below.