Entry Level IT Jobs

This is a brief overview of the top paying entry level IT jobs.

It’s no doubt that finding an entry-level IT job can be quite difficult for most, but today’s guide will show you exactly how to get an entry-level IT job, the best entry-level IT job for you, where to find entry-level IT jobs near you, and lots more.

Let’s get started.

Best Entry Level IT Jobs and Their Salary

Everyone wants a job that pays very well.

Finding a high paying entry level job, in general, can be quite difficult in most markets, but this is not the case for the tech industry.

Even outside the popular Silicon Valley, there are still tons of high paying entry level tech jobs available for you.

Here’s a list that can help you decide:

Data Analyst ($62,453 per year)

In our everyday business environment, DATA IS KING!

The more data a company collects on its customers, their preferences and buying habits, the more flexible and responsive they can get in responding to their changing needs.

Data analysts help to identify data that is to be collected and ensure that they are properly analyzed, compiled, and interpreted for the improvement of a company’s performance.

Data analysts earn an average of $62,453 yearly according to Glassdoor, but entry-level data analyst may be started at $61,000 annually based on your level of experience.

The major skills required of data analysts are:

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Knowledge on XML and JavaScript
  • Data mining and segmentation

Web Developer ($76,607 per year)

A web developer works with the nuts and bolts that go into creating a website for a company.

He either handles the frontend (user-side) or backend (admin section) of the website by writing codes that make the site to function the way the company wants it.

Web developers earn an average of $76,607 yearly, according to Indeed, but as a junior developer, you may be started with an annual salary of about $55,000.

The major skills required of a web developer are knowledge on JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails and Python, etc.

It will also help you if you can get involved with coding boot camps around your community.

Web Designer ($50,029)

Please don’t ever confuse a web designer for a web developer!

Unlike a web developer, web designers are basically in charge of structuring the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of a website.

Web design is actually one career field that is quite easy to get started with… If you have a good perspective for aesthetics and a solid grasp of end-user behavior, you will be a good fit for a web designer job that offers a fine starting salary.

Web designers earn an average of $50,029 yearly, according to Payscale.

The major skills required of web designers are:

  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge on Adobe Creative Suite
  • HTML and CSS

Just as it is with web development, you can improve on yourself as a web designer by taking part in web design boot camps.

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Social Media Manager ($45,457)

Social media management as a job didn’t start but just recently.

When we speak of growing a business online today, social media has been the up-and-coming leader at it… And there’s a serious lack of internet-know-hows that are available to take advantage of this.

A social media manager is simply someone that can effectively shape a company’s social media profile in a way to drive more leads, sales, and conversions to the business.

They help to establish a form of brand awareness for businesses online!

The best part?

You don’t need a lot of experience to get an entry level IT job as a social media manager.

Plus, social media managers earn an average of $45,457 yearly, according to Indeed.

As a social media manager, you have to be able to be adept at accessing reports and data from various social media platforms.

You should also be very time cautious and know how to work strictly with social calendars.

Where to Find Entry-Level IT Jobs Near Me

Entry Level IT Jobs and Their Salary

The best place to go when looking for an entry level IT job is – ONLINE!

There are so many online platforms and job networks that will notify you whenever there is an entry level IT job opportunity near you.

Online platforms like:

Are the best places I go to whenever I’m searching for entry level IT jobs near me.

But just doing a random search online would definitely give you some positive results.

Why People Look for IT Jobs

There are so many reasons why people get into IT professions.

Some choose IT jobs just because they generally love the kind of appreciation they get from their friends and family relatives.

Others choose this profession in order to tackle tough and challenging issues in the industry.

IT jobs are one way that you can actually use to force yourself to continually improve your skills and become a better and more adept employee.

The main attraction of IT jobs should be the convenience attached to it… Most IT jobs are remote works, which means it can be done in the comfort of your house – plus the pay is great too!

Also, entry level IT jobs are not so challenging to find…

Entry-level IT jobs are unique because they allow both college grads and non-grads to achieve six figures quickly.

Plus, there’s always the exposure it gives you to other professionals in the industry.


What tech skills have you been able to acquire over the past years?

Do you think you are qualified for the position of entry-level IT professional?

Or maybe you are just looking for a tech job because of the financial benefits attached to it?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!