Best Babysitting Jobs for 14 Year Olds in My Area

Whether you just want to make some extra bucks babysitting during the weekends or after school hours

Or you’ve been asking yourself the question:

Where can I find babysitting jobs for 14 year olds in my area?

We’re here to help you. The good thing is that there are many local babysitting jobs available for you today.

Today you are going to look at some of the best weekend babysitting jobs for 16 year olds, babysitting jobs for 12-13 year olds, babysitting jobs for 12 year olds, as well as after school babysitting jobs for 14 year olds in your area.

You’ll also learn:

  • Online platforms where you can always find babysitting jobs for 14-year-olds
  • How to secure a babysitting job
  • How much a babysitting job costs (what babysitters earn)
  • How to make more money with babysitting
  • How to locate people who need a babysitter now
  • And many more…

Let’s get started.

Can You Be A Babysitter At 11?

Some kids are matured enough to start babysitting as early as age 11, 12 or 13, while others are better off starting when they’re older teenagers.

However, before you allow your teen to get a babysitting job, it’ll be good to demand from him/her the same qualifications that you would need from any babysitter you want to hire and see how it goes.

Babysitting Jobs for 12 Year Olds (And 11-16 Years Olds)

Babysitting Jobs for 14 Year Olds

At some point in life, we all want to start earning a little something for ourselves – and babysitting is a good place to start!

In fact:

According to UrbanSitter and their 8th annual child care study of more than 28,000 families across the United States:

The average hourly rate for babysitting one child is $16.75 and $19.26 for two children.

Additional children tend to raise the average rate further.

With that said,

Where Can I Find Babysitting Jobs for 14 Year Olds Near Me?

Below is a list of various platforms where you can apply for local babysitting jobs available for you:

You can easily find good weekend babysitting jobs for 16 year olds on these platforms – just sign up and you are good to go. Although you might be required to download a mobile app for some of the listed platforms above.

You can also let your friends and family know that you are available for any babysitting job. And if there are families with young children in your neighborhood, hang out at the playground and introduce yourself to them as a professional babysitter.

How to Secure a Babysitting Jobs for 12 Year Olds And Above

As a babysitter, tasks will go a lot easier if you had knowledge of some childcare basics. Skills such as preparing snacks, proper bathroom hygiene, as well as organizing children-friendly games and activities are all needed in the job.

If you are already considering babysitting jobs, the following tips will help you secure one:

1. Be Prepared

As a babysitter, you must be educated on some basic safety and first aid as well as how to respond to common emergency situations. You can learn how to handle situations such as:

  • A child running off
  • A fire
  • An intruder
  • Minor cuts
  • Getting locked out of the house
  • Falls and head injuries

2. Plan Fun Activities

Parents want to know how you intend to entertain their kids with fun activities appropriate for their age.

3. Check Out the Family First Before Accepting a Job

Ask for preferences, including from people who have worked for the family in the past.

You can also suggest a meeting with the family at a library or playground at first – this will make the family more at ease with you.

4. Check-in, Show up and Follow up

Call or text the family beforehand to make sure they are still interested in using your services.

Always arrive on time, even a few minutes early just to give parents time to walk you through any additional details and instructions.

And finally, stick with all their instructions strictly – whether it’ no snacking after dinner or to have the kids in bed before 10.

5. Consider Your Personal Schedules

It’s always good to be realistic about how well a babysitting job will fit into your regular schedule of tasks.

If you know you will be overly busy, it’s possible that you will not make a really good babysitter, unless there are activities you are willing to take out of your busy schedule to create a fixed period for your job.

How to Make More Money with Babysitting

Best Babysitting Jobs

While babysitting will generally pay you pretty well, there’s always room to earn more and up your game in order to make a bit more cash.

Here are a few things you can do to earn more money with babysitting:

Offer to Work Weekends

Staying overnight babysitting for a whole is a great way to make some extra bucks.

N.B: Charging an hourly rate probably isn’t feasible in this case, so at this point, you can agree on a fixed sum beforehand with the family that would represent a fair return of your time.

Offer Tutorial Services too

Parents are always looking for sitters who can take the burden of helping out with assignments after a long day at work, and in helping to coach their kids in subjects they find difficult at school.

So if you’re really good at a certain subject, you could offer to do extra hours of tutoring each week – but you should always charge more doing this.

Offer to Work Events and Parties

You can inform the family that you are available to look after more kids during events like dinner parties and many others.

You can offer to keep all the kids in an event or party entertained (including the guests’ children) so they are not running a riot. This’s also an excellent way of impressing other families with your outstanding babysitting skills, so always remember to take your business cards with you.

You can also make yourself available over the holidays, and charging more for it.

How Elizabeth in Arizona Made over $800 in One Summer Doing Mother’s Helper Jobs

Elizabeth wanted to start babysitting but was terrified of failing at it. She hadn’t done a lot of babysitting jobs, especially for 14-year-olds.

Not to mention, most of the families she was interested in babysitting for didn’t really know much about her. Elizabeth then learned that trust is important in babysitting and if parents don’t know you well, they are not likely to hire you.

So, Elizabeth offered to be a Mother’s Helper and go over to the Poletti’s home for some hours while the mom was still there. She helped with some basic chores and played with the kids.

Elizabeth learned that:

As a Mother’s Helper, if you can win the kids’ hearts, you will win the parents’ hearts too.

After a few Mother’s Helper jobs with Mrs. Poletti, Elizabeth became their go-to babysitter. The Poletti’s eventually suggested Elizabeth for a bigger job which she made over $800 in one summer from two families alone.

Local Babysitting Jobs Available | Conclusion

As you can see, there many babysitting jobs for 11-12 year olds and above out there. Just follow the tips here and you soon start to find those who need a babysitter now.

It’s not really rocket science, whether you are 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16 looking for good babysitting job opportunities in your area that you can do after school or during the weekends, the opportunities are endless.

Check your neighborhood, ask questions, print flyers if you should, and you’ll certainly discover lots of local babysitting jobs available around you.

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